• RESERVATIONS are strictly on a first come, first served basis. Cash, Check, or Money Orders accepted.
  • PAYMENT TERMS - $100 deposit may be required to confirm your reservation, remainder due at pick-up.
  • DAMAGE DEPOSIT - We require a damage deposit of $100 which is due before pick-up and is REFUNDABLE based on our inspection of the vehicle after the run.
  • PAYMENT FOR EXTRA TIME - We accept only cash or checks the day of service, paid to the driver at the beginning of overtime.
  • FUEL SURCHARGES - We do not add a surcharge, however our rates may fluctuate with fuel prices.
  • TIPS - We do not charge gratuity, but we appreciate it if you feel that we have earned it.​


Grand Luxury Limousine

Reservations: (660) 342-2343


The entire liability of Grand Luxury Limousine is limited to the fees paid for your limousine service.
Grand Luxury Limousine is not responsible for your personal items.




  • Please respect our limousines by keeping them as clean as possible. You are responsible for any damage by your party to the limousine including, but not limited to, stains, broken windows, broken mirrors, forced open doors, TV's, DVD's, audio, visual, and lighting. The person who chartered the limousine agrees to pay for repair of damages.
  • Excessive cleaning - $200 charge; Broken glasses - $5 each; Interior/Exterior damages - all charges that apply. Excessive cleaning includes but is not limited to excessive food particles, spilled drinks, and excessive trash left in passenger area - Sparkle, Glitter, Bottle Labels, etc.
  • No exterior decoration of vehicles.
  • If you cancel your reservation, we will attempt to fill the reservation by offering it to another client. If your reservation cannot be filled then your deposit may not be refunded.
  • If we are not able to provide your service and have to cancel, we will issue a FULL REFUND and try to assist you in acquiring another vehicle. Any extra charges from other transportation vendors would be your responsibility.
  • You may change your contract date and time before your service, as long as it does not affect another client.
  • We will not exceed the passenger limit of the limousine. If you show up with too many passengers, we will only accept the passenger limit and we will not provide a refund.
  • Vehicles leave our garage in good mechanical condition. If a limousine breaks down during your run, we will use another limousine from our fleet or offer a refund.
  • We always plan on arriving a little early, but if the limousine is late in picking you up then we will tack any time owed to you on the end of the run or provide a refund for time unused.
  • Please appoint one person to give the driver directions, preferably the person who chartered us. We try our best to know where we are taking you, however there are times in which you will need to provide the driver with directions to your destinations.
  • Please keep your driver's phone number with you.
  • Police / Traffic situations dictate where we park and wait for you.
  • Alcohol - We do not provide alcohol, however, you are free to bring your own if you are at least 21 years old. No one under 21 may consume alcohol. Aluminum cans please, no kegs.
  • No Smoking inside the limo, but we will make smoke stops at your request.
  • No illegal drugs. If you bring any we can cancel your run at that moment with no refund.
  • No hazardous situations, such as fighting, verbal abuse, etc., will be allowed; as determined by the driver. We may cancel your run at that moment with no refund.
  • Customer is hereby notified that any illegal activity will end any contract without refund. Furthermore, any charges that apply due to illegal activity are the responsibility of the customer.